How cool is this? Way cool. Someone e-mail me Tuesday and told me another way to do the frame embossing folder without the lines and from that I when to town HA I didn’t save her name but remember I here video was something like Lneus well thank you to this lady. You will see how easy it is to emboss your frame and then emboss the inside of it using what I call the “cheater tool” for the Cheater Tool you will need 7 layers of card board/ I use the card board that come in the Designer Paper. To see the video of Tuesday CLICK HERE.

 In this one I use the Designer Frame Folder and the Garden Flower. You can see that I color the inside with bleach to see how to color with bleach CLICK HERE.

 I have another video on how to do a big embossing frame CLICK HERE for that one. Well this is lots of embossing tip for the big shot so lets enjoy that big shot! PS if you are getting my post in a e-mail go to my blog at to see it all.

Today I will be doing some of the painting in the basement and I hope by the end of this weekend we’ll have the carpet in…. I can not complaint to much about the flood cause many had it worst then us. But no worries I will be back tomorrow with something cool it’s a must see….Tote-ally Tess will be here, hint hint!