Happy Friday!!!
Well today technique is way cool…. On the top one you can not tell it’s only one piece of card stock for the Cherry Cobble because I use some ribbon in the middle but the bottom one it’s hard to see on picture so I put a picture of just the piece of the black one so you can see very good that it is one piece of card stock with 2 embossing folder. I use them at the same time so that is why we have the plain strip in the middle. I love this look I was playing with the folder and Voila!  It is so fun when I discover something that I didn’t see before…. So the video is only about 3 minute so supper easy. Enjoy!

Quick update on Nika. They finally find some drops that work at this time. She was allergic to the preservative in them not the medication but the preservative so I think she will start to see big improvement now. Next week if all go good she will only go at the Dr. every other day 🙂 Plus the eye drop now it’s only every 4 hours no more every hours 🙂 Thank you again for your prayers…..