WOW back on land and I will show you a few picture of Alaska and some of the show case card on the boat. The top picture of Brett and I was taken on the Canadian side if I remember correct. We cross to British Colombia/Yukon to take the train back to Skagway.

This beautiful Glacier was at the end of Tracy Arm Fjord it was early in the morning when we cruise the Tracy Arm Fjord and for me it was great everyone was up with me 🙂 I’m a early bird and most morning I was waiting for people to get up but that morning everyone was up and drinking hot chocolate or coffee with me. Here a picture of Me, Dianna Gibbs, Glenda Calkins drinking our hot chocolate while enjoying the beautiful Glacier.

The next picture was taken from the little sea plan ride we took in Ketchican. I was great to se part of Alaska from the top plus we landed on a little lake in the no man land:)

And now cards….in the gathering room it was a few board with cards that people put to share….I have many of them that I will share this week here 2 with the open sea set. All the cards was wonderful so I will share more this week. Till next time Happy Stampin’ 

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