WOW I can’t believe how many ask for more picture of the pillow gift so here my favorites….. Well I can NOT show the stamp sets and supplies that we got yet because it is not release yet. Yes I enjoy them all and I have to say I always enjoy going to bed at night to see what on the pillow, love the way Stampin’Up! spoiled us on those trip. The top on is a little purse that I really enjoy on this trip all what I needed to get of the boat fit perfect in there, my cell phone, camera sun glasses (Oh i did took a picture of the sun glasses but we got a pair there “Maui Jim”) Plus if you open the purse side way you have a full wallet hoe cool is that!

This is the best jacket for the Alaska weather and even better for the windy place of Wyoming…I know this jacket will be a all season here in WY. I will wear it all the time…Love it!!!

 The top 2 picture are taken from my room balcony, we saw many water fall and mountain while sailing.

 This one is is super cool…look at the blue on the snow/Ice on the water, they are chunk from the glacier that are way cool it look fake but it so cool to see that blue.

Okay this is the BEST blanket super soft and warm like you think you on a sunny beach when you put this on you HA If I can keep it away from my daughter I will have it on me most of the time…I think I should start the air conditioner so I can cuddle with it….but really today I just have to open the window and I would be cold in a few minutes. It’s colder and rainy here compare to Alaska. We didn’t see the rain there plus the weather was great NO wind about 55 every day and HERE today it’s only 42 so colder then Alaska.
Okay tomorrow is Video time and Wednesday I have share more card from the board on the ship. Have a great Day!