Well last week I show case my Daughter from Prom Night and never show case my son so today it’s his turn. I know it’s not stamping but why not sharing a little of my life with y’all. Like I mention many time in the pass few week, that I spend lots of time at the soccer field. Well today and yesterday the boys had home game so that where I spend my time…. My son he’s the goal keep and today he got knee pretty bad in the face enough to knock him down. When they got him off the field he add a egg on is cheek (it was big) after hours of icing this is what it look like. Not to bad on the picture but in really life it’s not looking good. So I know what he will give me for Mother Days…I big black eye. So that was my excitement for today and I can NOT let him go to sleep for a few hours so I have to stay close to him so off to stamping while I keep a close eye on him.  BTW they won so that was good.

This is the show of Mother Days. It’s better then I expected but still a good shiner. The good news he don’t feel daisy anymore so that a good thing. He will be at it again tomorrow.