Good day Y’All!
Please don’t pinch me I don’t have no green I forgot till now!!!!!!!! So Happy St- Patric Day!
The weather been Beautiful here in Cheyenne so I have the spring fever…. the birds are starting to come around but no butterflies yet outside but they are in my stamp room 🙂 I Love this card and again photos are no justice to a card. I use Bella Toile for the stamp set and the technique is Faux Mother of Pearl so just a little tees till tomorrow….Yes the video will be posted tomorrow. I did many card with those butterflies I will show more tomorrow and I have a card that it’s all the Faux Mother of Pearl in the background LOVE IT, so make sure you stop by tomorrow for video time. Get your glossy paper and shimmer Frost White paint ready so you can make a card with ME 🙂

Here another name for the birds that make my day here what Rose write
“Hope I’m not too late for this: “On the 1st day of Christmas”…….so there are 3 birds, and I think you could justifiably call them “THREE FRENCH HENS”…….i know you’re singing the song, aren’t you!”
If you are wondering what this is all about check the post of Monda Here.