Oh! Boy wish you would a been here when I did this video…. First I click the video and start doing my card and I peak on the screen to make sure that I was in the view area well it was blank! I was not on video mode so I started over and I couldn’t stop laughing so if you hear me breath loud it’s me still laughing in the back ground. This is what I call a blond moment but that’s not it, at the end I was tying a bow and I couldn’t find the other end of the linen thread and it was in my hand so if you notice some wired stuff just laugh with me not at me but with me. So this video is the finish part of the one of Tuesday where I show you how to do the ghosting  here you will learn how I make my ribbon on my cards all ruffle. You can click here to learn how to do the ghosting part. (Super fun and easy) The DSP that I use here is the Greenhouse Gala.

Have a great weekend!