How fun is this when a blogger friend E-mail you and say I love your tutorial and you can check what I did with your snowman sledding, I made a kid sledding. I loved it so much that right away I try it. I didn’t know the size punch she use I try it with the large oval and then with the medium. So my question to all of you is tell me which one you like best. I will pick a random entry and send you the card. I will pick the name Saturday. So leave me a comment and I will have a drawing. Thank you to Debby McGillivray for sharing this idea with me.    Your choice #1 Is big leg #2 Small leg, #3 Small body

The punch that I use are: Med. or Large oval for body, window for leg or modern label and arms, hat and face is 1 1/4″ circle, the brim of the hat is the small oval. You can click here to see the snowman one that I did with the video on how to make him. PS don’t look to close to the face it’s free hand drawing and let me tell you I’m not the best at free hand.