The ink is water base so I think it is eatable but I will not say it is safe. My family and I we do eat it but again I can’t promise it is okay 🙂 but I would guest it’s like food coloring???  If you do try it you do it at your own risk. The video is way short but it will give you tip and trick on how to stamp on a cake. Another way you can stamp on a cake is using a rice sheet, you can find them at most bakery usually but here in Cheyenne it’s is harder to find them. The way that work is you stamp on your rice sheet and them place it to your cake and the rice will dissolve and your image will stay on the cake.  On the back of the ink pad it say nontoxic but noting about food safety. 
Remember the Birthday special go till Saturday November 6th/10. Click here if you need more information. 
Let’s celebrate with me!!!!!!

I have to say my Family was very glade for the stamping on cake this year they didn’t have to bake a cake…. but again my sweet little daughter got stuck videoing this for me!