Welcome to my pumpkin patch….. After so many e-mail from last week post asking on how to make them well here it is. Have fun with them and you can always use DSP but I like card stock better because it is more sturdy. For the leaves I use Day of Gratitude.

What you will need is 11 strip of 5″ by 3/4″, brad, 10″ ribbon, crop a dile, and the rest is up to you how you want to decorated it.

 This is the bottom where I think it’s better if you put your brad from inside out so the bottom is more flat and you can covered it with a punch out  1 1/4″ circle and that way the pumpkin stay flat. I didn’t show this part on the video but I think you can see the finish here of the bottom.

PS Someone Birthday is coming up and the Birthday special will start tomorrow so make sure to come check it out! Yes it’s my birthday coming up but I will give out GIFTS 🙂 to all my web customer for one week…don’t miss out.