Last week I got 2 cards in the mail…..WOW I love having cards in the mail and reminded me to use some of mine and mail them! SO this week my plan is to mail some cards to friends that I didn’t talk for a long time…… The top card is from my cruise buddy Glenda Calkins. Since I met Glenda to the incentive trip to Hawaii we kept in touch and this year at convention her and some of her down line we share a room what a great time that was. This card is way cool with the way it open is about 3/4 of the front of the card / hard to explain but it is way cool I will copy that for sure. ….Thank you Glenda.
This card is from Mary R. Mary always finish the inside of here card I love how much it add to a card….I’m trying to add something inside now but lots of time I forget. Marry R is another friend that I made with Stampin’Up! I meet her last year at the regional in Fort Collins and again I kept in touch with her by blog and E-Mail. Thank you Mary R.

Really Stampin’Up! is more then a company that sell stamp it a way of making new friend and I mean Great Friends. Would you like to be part of this great company? If so e-mail me and I will give you all the detail or if you are ready you can click on join now and the pass word is “france” I would love to have You in my team. Local are not local you can be on my team and I will give you all the support that you need in your Stampin’ journey.

Starting this Friday will be Freaky Frenchie Friday…. What is that? come back Friday to found out what it’s all about!