Well here it is…..My son birthday card . It didn’t feel like his birthday at all cause he was at wrestling camp all week and got back yesterday around 2 and he was beat-up/warn out so bad that he didn’t want to do nothing so maybe this week end will do something special with him. Everyday this week he got drop off at 7 am and I pick him up at 10 pm so not much sleep so I bet tomorrow he will sleep in maybe till 8 am that would sleep in for him. We are all morning one here well use to be all morning one but my daughter love to sleep in now. Talking about birthday well be ready for more from this house… it start with Father Day and about a week later my son B-day, 2 weeks after my husband and then 3 weeks my daughter so if you come visit me in the summer I bet you can have a piece of cake…it seem that it’s always a cake on the counter for a special someone. I’m so glade that that mine is not in the summer so I can get more cake at the end of the year :). Well Y’All have a great week-end!
I use screen for the window it look great with that mosquitoes in the back.