Hi Ladies
Well this will touch you heart…. I’m selling raffle ticket to pay for airline ticket to bring Eli dad to Denver for a visit. Eli didn’t see his dad see since April. Here a little info of this boy that didn’t see dad for 7 plus month….
Eli is a 11 year old Boy from Batavia, Ohio he came to Denver Children hospital for a heart transplant in April of 2009 and still there with complication…. didn’t see dad since cause work … but here what Patti send me
Eli Hales, information on him, 11 year old, Double Heart transplant, first at 10 weeks, second July this year. Been in Denver since April 2009. In September 2009 he went into rejection, the plan was for him to go home three month after transplant, there were 5 kids all there this year who got new hearts and Eli is the only one still there and had rejection right after transplant. So as you can see that was heart breaking for him.
Just a side note on Mom and Dad, She had to quit her job to go and Dad lost his job and there home in this time frame, Dad stays in Ohio to keep things up or at least try. I spoke to Eli about this yesterday he was so excited to be a part of this, he said it will help his Mom maybe not cry so much….Ok now you got to know that broke my heart.
Plus now Eli knows that we are trying to do this and he gets to be part of the surprise. I had to have his help to get Will phone number that is a good thing, I think.

Now I bet you want to help bring Eli dad to Denver for a visit. We got the ticket for dad to come to visit the Weekend before Christmas only for the Weekend . Dad got a new job so he can’t get more time off but his new boss will give him 2 extra day to come visit his son.
So how can you help… send donation to me or buy raffle ticket $2.00 each or 12 for $10.00 the raffle is for a HUGE Stamping supplies 10 stamp sets, card stocks, glue…. over 200.00 worth of stamping supplies in the basket.

Please help us make Eli dream come true for Christmas to see daddy.

Donation can be send to France Martin 7008 Aztec Dr. Cheyenne WY 82009 same to buy raffle ticket. Please write on the check in the memo space “ELI “