Check this out…. The Technique class started last week and it was great and my customer loved it. Here a little preview of what it’s all about. They will learn over 47 techniques and have them all on a ring for their own reference. Class is full at this time but here what I can do for you..If you wish to have all the technique/instruction on the ring just like they are getting at the class here what I can do for you- each month I will mail you the 12 technique/instruction that we did in class for the low fee of $15.00 include shipping. e-mail me or call me if you have any question. 307-778-3662 After 4 month you will have all the 47 techniques and they all come on a different color card stock so including the cover you will have all 48 Stampin’Up color.
Update Dec.15-10 After so many request on this I will have new print out but all on white card stock all 47 technique for 35.00 including shipping and all on a ring.